NEO Children’s triathlon 2023

We’ve done our best to include those smaller competitors who are keen to compete, which is why we’ve put on two days of races to keep them busy.

Sport since childhood.

We’ll be holding a duathlon on Thursday for children aged 0 to 18. Then on Saturday there’ll be a 100 and 300m running race that even little ones are welcome to join in (even with a little bit of help from Mummy or Daddy and a push­chair!). For older children there is a fully­fledged aquathlon race with a 100m swim and a 600m run. Those who don’t feel up to a swim are more than welcome to register just for the running part.






The Tomáš Slavata Foundation


  • a swimming­running race for primary school children
  • running race for very young athletes


  • duathlon starts on June 15 at 2:30 p.m.
  • 100 and 300m running race on June 17 starts at 10:30 a.m.
  • swimming­running race on June 17 starts at 11:00 a.m.
  • presentation(17.6.) is from 10.00 a.m. at the main race start and finish area


  • All competitors compete at their own risk.
  • Competitors must follow the organiser’s instructions.

date and place

15.6 and 17.6.2023
Otrokovice, rekreační oblast Štěrkoviště


prizes have been prepared for each competitor. There will be a competition for the cups of Petr Vabroušek from around the world that will be the envy of children and dads alike ;­)

Entry fee

All children’s races are free.


  • 100m swimming, 1000m running
  • 300m running
  • duathlon without a set distance

How to register

Registration can be made using the registration form for the main or relay race. Please use the registration form from the menu or feel free to also register on-site.


The results will be announced after the race.

Image background

Win Petr Vabroušek`s Cup



Where to stay?

Accommodation by the local fishing grounds

200m from start

Hotel Rottal

A lovely modern hotel that’s situated a little further from the start than the others, but it’s definitely worth the extra distance!

Hotel společenský dům

(Hotel Baťov)


Penzion Lípa

Part of Hotel Rottal

Hotel Lázně Kostelec

For those competitors who’d like to stay in style – About 20km from the start, complete with rehabilitation facilities for after the competition.

Hotel Morava

A nice hotel about 1km from the start.